Shailene Woodley is headed to HBO — all the yes!

Shailene Woodley is joining an incredible project in what must be her (and our) best Christmas present this year! We’ve just gotten word that the 24 year-old star will be starring alongside Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman in an HBO series that sounds sure to knock our socks off.

While it’d been rumored that Woodley’s reps were in talks for the role for a few weeks, her involvement was touted by Kidman on Saturday at The Hindustan Times Leadership Project in New Delhi. While Woodley’s contract is apparently not all-the-way closed, Kidman, who is a producer on the project, letting her name slip means it’s most likely a done deal.

The awesomeness of the project now anchored by three amazing women doesn’t just stop there. The series will be written by David E. Kelly, creator of epic shows Ally McBeal, The Practice, and Boston Legal. Kelly will be abandoning the courtroom for a change, taking on an adaptation and series treatment of Big Little Lies, a 2014 novel by Liane Moriarty. The show will center around three mothers of kindergarteners who meet and form a bond over their less-than-perfect lives, eventually leading to a murder.

The book is heavy stuff, focusing on abusive relationships and their echoes throughout a women’s lives, so it’s understandable that feminist powerhouses Kidman and Witherspoon joined up to option the book and produce. Bringing Woodley on board, rumored to play a single mother, makes perfect sense after her stellar turns in amazing, intimate dramas like The Descendants and The Fault in our Stars.

The move to an HBO series will also be a return home of sorts for Woodley, whose career began with the excellent ABC family series The Secret Life of the American Teenager before launching to fame on the silver screen. She’s hardly done with the film world, however; upcoming movies include action blockbuster The Divergent Series:Allegiant , and the hotly-anticipated biopic Snowden.

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