Shailene Woodley and Catherine O’Hara are hilariously bad at Pictionary

When it’s your turn to play a game on The Tonight Show, the pressure is on—so much so that you might just crack! That was definitely the case for Shailene Woodley and Catherine O’Hara, who were on the same team during Monday night’s game of Pictionary.

Shailene was up first, and her assignment was relatively simple: Mona Lisa. Except, somehow, she managed to draw everything the exact opposite way it appears in the painting. Her hair was short, her mouth was open, and time was up before Catherine got anywhere close to guessing.

Catherine’s drawing didn’t fare any better. In fact, everyone was distracted because her drawings ended up reminding Jimmy Fallon of something else pretty inappropriate. Once again, they weren’t able to figure it out in time (it was Darth Vader), and neither Shailene nor Catherine could get their team a point.

Luckily, they weren’t alone: Jimmy and Eugene Levy did almost just as poorly at Pictionary, with Jimmy swooping in to get them a point with two seconds left on the clock.

We don’t care if these stars are bad at Pictionary because it just makes us love them more. If they’re ever out of ideas for what to do next, we’d definitely watch a whole movie of this game.

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