13 Sexy Stocking Stuffers You Can Buy Online

These gifts are proof that being on the "naughty" list isn't so bad.

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There are many reasons to consider giving someone a sexy stocking stuffer this holiday. They may be staying home this holiday season and looking to heat up that solo date, or they’re looking to add some steam to their relationship. 

Whether they have been feeling like they lost their sex appeal or just need a bit more fun in their lives, there’s a lot of ways to go sexy this holiday season. These gifts may be very private and for someone you are extra close to, such as lingerie or adult toys, or all in good fun and good for a girls night, like a sexy party game or risque candles. 

Whether someone has an exciting new relationship this season, or is flying solo and needs to get their groove back, these stocking stuffer ideas are sure to help to set the mood or put the spring back in their step. This is sure to be a holiday, and a sexy gift, they’ll remember. And it just may be a present that keeps on giving!

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Wisp Pleasure Bundle

Wisp Pleasure Bundle

This self-care bundle includes a trio of intimate care products, from OMG! Cream, which is made with the same active ingredient used in Viagra, for better orgasms, as well as harmonizing lube and a balancing wash.

Price: $50 at hellowisp.com

Spitfire Girl Naughty Truth or Dare 

Spitfire Girl Naughty Truth or Dare 
Spitfire Girl

This is great for everything from adding a bit of fun to date night to even a gathering with good friends. Just draw a card and choose truth or dare!

Price: $10 at spitfiregirl.com

Adore Me Camylla Crotchless Bikini

Adore Me Crotchless Bikini
Adore Me

These crotchless panties have a sex lace front and a crotchless bikini, for a really fun and naughty date night surprise. It also comes in a wide range of sizes up to 4X. 

Price: $30 at adoreme.com

Olly Lovin’ Libido

Olly Lovin' Libido

This is a supplement made with a blend of botanical extracts, such as Ashwagandha and maca, all built to give a boost to mood, energy and also sensation. It’s the self care we all need, both inside and out. 

Price: $17 at amazon.com

RPZL Ponytail Hair Extensions

RPZL Ponytail Hair Extensions

Maybe they just need to up their sexy quotient for a night out and clipping on a fun ponytail is a great instant way to do just that. These come in all sorts of shades and styles, which means they can try on being a  Marilyn-esque blonde bombshell for the night.

Price: $35 at amazon.com

The Good Patch Desire Patch 

The Good Patch Desire Patch
The Good Patch

This is a simple patch that can be worn whenever you want to set the mood, and has plant-derived Vitamin B6, Ginseng, Reishi, and Black Maca.  It can be peeled and applied hours before you need the benefits too, so just put it on and go about your day.  

Price: $12 at thegoodpatch.com

Gina the Brand Cuffing Season Necklace 

Gina the Brand Cuffing Season Necklace
Gina the Brand

This necklace is naughty and sexy but also a beautiful piece of fine jewelry. They can feel sassy but also just have a new piece of jewelry to wear out and about in the day, to add a bit of spring to their step.

Price: $60 at ginathebrand.com

Foria The Quickie Kit

Foria The Quickie Kit

The Quickie Kit is a mix of Foria’s most popular CBD-infused  products, from Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD, Sex Oil with CBD, to their their Intimacy Melts. This is a perfect self-care intimate stocking stuffer for anyone trying to get their groove back this holiday.

Price: $31 at foriawellness.com

Naughty Nudes A Tale of Two Titties Adult Coloring Book

Naughty Nudes A Tale of Two Titties Adult Coloring Book
Naughty Nudes

This is a naughty spin on a classic, and all in good fun for the holiday season. The coloring book is perfect for the aspiring artist who also wants to get a little sassy.

Price: $20 at naughtynudes.store

Pepper Pal Bullet Vibrator

Pepper Pal Bullet Vibrator

Vibrators have a reputation for being noisy or indiscreet, but this bullet vibrator can easily be slipped in a purse or overnight bag, or even a back pocket, and provide endless pleasure, no matter where their day or night takes them.

Price: $60 at peppertogether.com

#LubeLife Water-Based Prosecco Flavored Lubricant

#LubeLife Water-Based Prosecco Flavored Lubricant

The holiday season is all about popping some bubbles, right? This is the pleasure version of that, as in a silky and long-lasting lube that is flavored with prosecco. Set the mood and maintain the holiday spirit, all at once.

Price: $10 at lubelife.com

Dragon Hemp Love Gummies

Dragon Hemp Love Gummies
Dragon Hemp

Giving their sex life that boost can be as fun as it is tasty, and these all-natural gummies are all that. They are made with 20 mg of CBD and 40 mg of Maca Root, which work together to increase libido, energy, and endurance. Plus, they are Cosmopolitan-flavored, which will be an extra giggle for those Sex and the City fans on your gift list.

Price: $38 at dragonhemp.com

Soma Cool Nights Soft Support Chemise

Soma Cool Nights Soft Support Chemise

In a fiery shade of red, this chemise is perfect for the holidays. But it’s also ideal for anytime she wants to feel smooth, silky, and sexy, whether or not she has company for the evening.

Price: $78 at soma.com


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