Get excited: Your sexy ’90s summertime wardrobe staples have arrived

From badass clothing label Nightwalker and California-cool brand PacSun comes a collection of sexy ’90s summer wardrobe staples so essential, you’ll want to add them to your closet ASAP.

The 11-item collab collection, available from beginning February 13th, features sexy, ’90-style co-ords, including short/sweatshirt and skirt/crop top combos, along with wear-everyday jackets and dresses. Sign us up, please!

You probably know PacSun as the go-to swimwear brand of your youth, or the place that always sold the coolest beach coverups and flip flops. But these days the iconic brand, which filed for bankruptcy last year, is changing up its strategy and offering super-stylish ready-to-wear pieces alongside its beachy staples. With this new ’90s collection, it seems PacSun is embracing the spirit of its heyday.

And if you haven’t yet been introduced to Nightwalker, we’ll the let the brand speak for itself. From its website: “[Nightwalker] is the fighting spirit, the never-say-die attitude. Women, now more than ever, are called upon to do it all — Nightwalker is the force that says, ‘Yes, I got this, what’s next? May I have another?’”

Sounds like a match made in fierce fashion heaven. Check out images from the collection below!

“Rib It” Sweater



“Rib It” Shorties



“Kick Back” Mini-Dress



“The Knit 90’s” Bodysuit



“Fine Ride” Moto Jacket



“The Hayden” Top



“The Hayden” Skirt



“Get Physical” Bomber



“The Stella” Slip Dress



“The Flirt” Top



“The Flirt” Skirt



See you soon, summertime.