How this sexual violence awareness campaign is using a code word to protect women on dates

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In between planning for Halloween and enjoying the last bits of sun before Daylight Savings Time ends means lot of opportunities to raise awareness about how violence against women impacts our communities. But one campaign in particular is working to destigmatize and empower victims of sexual violence.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, the council for Lincolnshire county in the U.K. has developed the #NoMore campaign to end sexual violence and abuse. It is aimed to counteract the violence and harassment that women often experience in social settings, especially on dates in bars.

A major part of the campaign comes from encouraging people to "ask for Angela at the bar" when they feel unsafe. This code word signals that they need assistance (from the bartender, a waiter, or anyone nearby) in order to exit a potentially dangerous situation and get to safety.

The poster for the campaign has gone viral, but the real victory isn’t in a certain number of retweets.

The campaign's victory is that it is helping to make a difference against the thousands of women who are impacted by domestic, sexual, or any other form of gendered violence.

Sexual violence and abuse against women has been gaining more attention in the public eye, but that’s not enough. Beyond awareness, we need to do our parts to help anyone who feels like they are in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation get to safety.

Whether that means becoming a more active bystander, checking in often with loved ones, or researching the signs so that you're more aware of danger when you're with friends in a social setting, we can all help combat gendered violence.