We’re pretty sure this is the most sexist news report in history

When 20,000 women marched on New York in August of 1970 as part of the Women’s Strike for Equality, one male reporter was not impressed — and he was sure to make his opinion known to viewers.

Mike Scott, a Cedar Rapids reporter, ends the report with what could easily be classified as the most sexist sign-off ever, telling men everywhere: “So remember, men, if you come to work tomorrow, and your secretary refuses to do the filing, and then go home and find that your wife has refused to do the cooking, don’t blame them. Remember, you gave them the vote, 50 years ago.” Scott also signs off declaring himself a “male chauvinist.” Hoo boy. The fight for equality hasn’t been easy.  

Cedar Rapids Male Chauvinist from nancy kennedy on Vimeo.

This clip is featured in Mary Dore’s upcoming documentary, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry. The documentary aims to explore the exhilarating and heated origins of the women’s rights movements in the late ’60s and early ’70s, and discuss how the same struggle is occurring in the modern battle for women’s reproductive rights. And, judging from the trailer, Scott is far from being the only man in the public eye to make disparaging remarks about women’s rights. The documentary begins select screenings in December.

Here’s to celebrating the decades of women before us who have fought for equal rights — and kisses to the haters, like Mike Scott.