And now, the best reactions to those sexist Ghostbusters tweets

On Tuesday, director Paul Feig announced his picks for the leads in his all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Suffice it to say, we were pretty excited. Actually, excitement might have been an understatement. If all goes well (and hopefully it will!) the reboot will star Melissa McCarthy, Saturday Night Live alumnus Kristen Wiig (who also teamed up with Feig and McCarthy in Bridesmaids) and current SNL cast members Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon (both breakout stars in their own right).

However, not everyone on the Internet was as psyched as we were about the decision _ and many dissenting voices took to their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages to voice their opinion. Some people were just upset over the idea of remaking a classic. However, there were several Twitter users who objected to the film purely on the basis of the reboot having a predominantly female cast. Not cool.

Personally, we can’t wait to see what Feig and Katie Dippold, the screenwriter of the film (who has also written for the amazeballs Parks and Recreation and penned The Heat) can accomplish with such a stellar arsenal of talent at their disposal. An all-female cast is going to bring a refreshing burst of energy to an already-beloved franchise. And the good news is, we’re not alone. While the Internet had its share of pissed-off people calling the new remake “gender-based pandering” and a bunch of creepy expletives, their freak-outs were met with way smarter responses—from both women and men.

Here are just a few of the awesome reactions to the haters:

And finally: