The awesome way strangers are responding to one terribly sexist ad

We’re more than a little disturbed by the following sexist ad that mysteriously appeared in a Toronto subway recently, courtesy of the anti-feminist group, “A Voice For Men.”

Instagram user Andrew Cameron, who took a picture of the above ad and posted it, labeled the ad “#misogyny disguised as #activism.” We agree. It’s disheartening to see such hostility focused in the direction of gender equality.

That said, what cheers us up is that the Instagram user @spaced_marked_feminist, documented an anonymous feminist putting up her own poster in response to that hurtful subway ad. The response poster asks the question, “How is feminism working out for you?” with a cup of pens provided for people to respond.

People responded to the question, citing everything from their wonderful mothers and marriages to their sense of self-respect.

Another Instagram user documented another awesome response to the initial ad. An individual listed out reasons why feminism is working out for her, and judging from the background it looks like this list was posted in the same subway station where that initial A Voice For Men ad was found. 

It is more than upsetting to see an organization not only resist, but actually fight gender equality. We can only imagine how many people were unsettled by the original ad. But we’re so glad that a few cool people took a stand and fought a stranger’s ignorance with their truth. Maybe the minds of the original poster-makers won’t be changed, which is unfortunate, but that’s bearable when you consider all the people who will feel loved, supported, and honored by these retaliation signs that preach the power of gender equality.

It’s 2015 and these sexist ads exist. Here’s how people are fighting back.

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