Brooklyn Beckham’s reaction to his dad’s Sexiest Man title was perfection

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or haven’t been in a grocery store check-out lane in more than ten days or so), last week People named David Beckham the Sexiest Man Alive. This is a big deal, obviously, but this year’s selection is especially huge because it marks the 30th anniversary of their annual sexy man issue. And we have to say, we’re in total agreement. David Beckham is super dreamy. One of the things we love best about him, though, isn’t his looks. It’s the way he seems to be such a genuinely awesome dad and family man. Whether he’s posing with Disney princesses, waxing poetic about his wife or teaching his daughter how to ride a bike, his family-friendly Instagram posts give us heart eyes on a regular basis. Seriously. If the Beckhams ever want to adopt me into their fold, I’d be so down with that. (For real, David and Victoria. Call me.)

Because he’s so open about his affection for his family, we weren’t at all surprised that Beckham mentioned them in his IG post about his Sexiest Man Alive honor. (Not just his kids, but even his mom. Awwww!) When he posted the photo of the People cover, he wrote, “I thought I was past my sell by date but thanks to @PeopleMag for the accolade and the compliment! I always feel a little shy when receiving these Awards, though it will make my Mum happy. This one the kids will laugh at, as they see what Daddy looks like in the morning!”

Apparently, Beckham knows his kids pretty well. They actually did laugh. He told People, “We kind of laughed about it with the boys and the boys kind of laughed at me and said, ‘Really?! Sexiest man alive? Really?” We’re cracking up at this. David Beckham is pretty obviously handsome. I guess it’s kind of hard to see when he’s your dad and all, but still. Look at the man, kiddos. The reaction of Brooklyn, David Beckham’s eldest, was the best, though. THE BEST. On the day of the People cover shoot the sixteen-year-old (who happens to be a model) said, “Are you sure it’s not me that’s meant to be there today?” Niiiice. We love your confidence, dude. Having David Beckham for a dad might make anyone a little insecure, but not Brooklyn. Heck, no. He doesn’t hesitate to put his dad in his place on occasion. Like the time he posted this pic to Instagram and captioned it, “Dad’s not happy about me being cooler than him.”

Cooler? If it’s a contest, Dad wins this round. Sorry, Brooklyn, real cool takes practice, experience, and ALL the life wisdom. But hey, David is 40 years old. That gives Brooklyn 24 years to catch up in the cool department and land a PEOPLE cover for himself. Frankly, that wouldn’t surprise us a bit. In the meantime, stop being so adorable Beckham family. Just stop. Our hearts can’t handle much more.

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