This is the sexiest American accent, according to British people

It is a universally acknowledged truth  (or at least it should be) that British accents are sexy as all get out. And it turns out, the Brits have their own thoughts about American accents in return. A new survey reveals that Brits have their preference when it comes to accents of the U.S. of. A. And it’s not a California accent. Or a Midwest accent. Or even a New York accent.

The British have spoken, and they say the sexiest American accent is one from the South. Specifically, from Tennessee.

Today reports that a poll conducted by British Airways named Morgan Freeman and Dolly Parton in possession the No. 1 and No. 3 sexiest accents in America. That’s a pretty high ranking for two celebs from Tennessee! The No. 2 slot went to Louisiana’s own Reese Witherspoon. Who would have guessed?

When broken down by regions, the Brits said that the New York accent was also very appealing, but they think Bostonians sound the most intelligent. No love for Southern California ladies and dudes, unfortunately. Don’t take it personally, thought. Brits also confused a Canadian accent for Texan, although we’re not sure how that’s possible.

As for Americans, we said our first love in British accents was Scottish (mmmm Outlander!) with London, and of course Hugh Grant in particular, running in second place.

(Image via 20th Century Fox)