What It Means to Dream About Having Sex With a Celebrity

Steamy dreams involving your favorite celebrities mean more than just sex, according to an expert.

Ever catch yourself kissing Leonardo DiCaprio, or making out with Michael B. Jordan? It’s almost like your dreams have come true! Well, sort of. Those steamy celebrity sex moments pretty much only live in our dreams.

Dreaming about having sex with a celebrity can feel incredibly vivid, as if the movie star or entertainer is right there with you. It can leave you feeling aroused and exhilarated upon waking up — making it a very good morning.

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“Celebrities will appear in our dreams when the subconscious wants to use them as part of the message,” says Lauri Loewenberg, a Certified Dream Analyst and author of Dream on It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life. “In dreams, celebrities rarely play themselves but rather are symbolic of something that is relevant to our lives at the time of the dream.”

When it comes to why you’re getting jiggy with Brendan Fraser in dreamland, there’s more to the celebrity sex dream than meets the (shut) eye.

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What does it mean when you dream about having sex with a celebrity?

“Sex in dreams is usually about a desire or need to incorporate the qualities of others into your own personality or into your own life,” explains Loewenberg. “So ask yourself what it is about that celebrity — or about a character they played or a song they sing, etc. that you desire for yourself.”

So if you’re smoochin’ with Harry Styles, one of his songs could hold a deeper meaning for you. Or if you’re having lots of dreams about Danny Devito in bed, it doesn’t mean you’re attracted to him — it could mean you’re connecting to something he’s been involved in, like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Sometimes, though, there isn’t a direct meaning, and the celebrity sex dream is pure fantasy.

“If you are really attracted to the celebrity in real life, your dream is simply letting you have a little fun,” Loewenberg adds.

Does the celebrity in a sex dream hold specific meaning?

Your thoughts are bound to be triggered when you’re doing the nasty with a celebrity in a dream. But when you wake up, what comes to mind when you think about that particular celebrity?

Loewenberg recommends recalling details about the celebrity to unlock why you might be thinking of them in a sexy way. Is it a movie they were in? A character they have played? A song stuck in your head?

Even events or incidents they might be notorious for (Adam Levine’s cheating scandal, for example) could be a clue.

“The meaning and relevance to you and your life will often be found in the title or plot of the movie, the title or lyrics of the song or some quality within the celebrity that you identify with,” Loewenberg says.

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What do celebrity sex dreams mean if we are single? If we are in a relationship?

Let your fantasies run wild when it comes to celebrity sex dreams. Then, think about how they might connect to your current romantic situation.

“If you are single, the celebrities you have sex with in your dream could represent qualities that you desire in a partner,” Loewenberg states. “So that is certainly an area to look at when you are trying to figure your dream out.”

If you’re in a relationship, it might feel awkward when you wake up — like you’ve been dreaming about cheating on your partner. But don’t overanalyze the situation just yet; the celebrity in your dream could represent qualities that remind you of your current partner or even qualities you wish your partner had.

“More often than not, sex in a dream isn’t about a physical union you want but rather a psychological or behavioral union you need,” Loewenberg elaborates. “Your subconscious chose that particular celebrity for a reason. It is not random. There is something about the celebrity that is relevant to you and your life right now.”

In your dreams, celebrities might embody qualities that you find attractive, such as confidence, sex appeal, or charisma. However, upon waking up, it’s important to remember that these are just dreams and fantasies, and that the reality of the celebrity might be vastly different from the image you have in your mind.

Keep a dream journal to record thoughts, feelings, and associations that pop into your head in the AM, then spend some time connecting the dots. And if it still feels super random, enjoy the star-struck dream sex for what it is — just a dream.

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