Sex Toy Brand Says Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Dolls Are Most Wanted

The royal lookalikes are the most requested versions for the company.

Here’s one thing we didn’t see coming on our vision boards for 2023: a rise in look-alike sex dolls of the royal family. The adult novelty brand Inferno says Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are among its most-requested adult toy creations. Interestingly enough, their handsome spouses, brothers Prince William and Prince Harry, were not included on that list.

On a more disturbing note, Inferno toymakers receive calls inquiring about Princess Diana look-a-likes on a rolling basis. Out of respect for the princess and her legacy, Inferno’s CEO Ben Stroud adamantly states that those requests are not fulfilled.

“We get requests for Princess Diana regularly, especially after the latest series of ‘The Crown,’ but we would never open ourselves up to accusations of cheapening her memory,” Stroud said in a South West News Service interview, obtained by the New York Post.

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Despite being in high demand, royal life-size playthings are not even available at Inferno. According to Stroud, the company has too much “taste” and “decency” to lean into customers’ racy royal fetishes.

“If we were just motivated by money we would create Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton dolls and see through sales who is the most popular, but at heart, I am a royalist,” he quipped.

Similarly, Stroud has denied requests for look-alike creations of Tupac. He is, however, interested in making a sex doll that replicates the appearance of British actor Tom Hardy. He notes there’s a big market for look-a-likes of the This Means War star, and could be very profitable.

Speaking of sales, Inferno’s line of custom-made sex dolls retail for $1,000. Got an upcoming sexy weekend getaway or looking to have a bit of fun yourself? Patrons can also purchase three-day rentals for roughly $750.

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