8 sex tips we’d give to our younger selves

When it comes to sex, we all start out inexperienced, trying to grapple with the mechanics and meaning of sex. Luckily, (according to science!) sex gets better with age. But that still doesn’t prevent us from cringing when we recall some of our early sexual misadventures and think “WTF?!” But those awkward moments are a great unifier; many of us have ’em. So embrace the awkward memories, and marvel at how times have changed.

Below, Reddit users confess what sex tips and advice they’d give their younger, less experienced selves.

1Stand up for yourself. Always.

“Don’t have sex unless you want to. Don’t put up with anyone who pressures you about sex. Don’t have sex with anyone who doesn’t reciprocate or consider your pleasure equally important to their own.” – Pantone877

2Some names are misleading.

“You don’t actually blow when giving a blow job.” – UnitysBlueTits

3Don’t forget the refills!

“Never lapse your birth control, because that’s how you get pregnant. And if a guy treats you like a sex toy, forget him. There are so many decent guys who will treat you better even if they’re not in love.” – Youcanshoveit

4Porn is not real life.

“Don’t worry about all the crap you saw in porn and on the internet. That’s not what sex is really like.” – worried19

5If it feels wrong, it probably is.

“If you really don’t want to do something, DO NOT DO IT. If it means the end of a relationship, so be it. No relationship is worth doing things that make you uncomfortable or feel cheap. There will be someone else in the world who is more compatible, sexually.” – eatingabutt

6Everyone is on their own journey.

“My before-I-ever-had-sex self? I would tell her that she needs to stop rushing to try to lose her virginity. It’ll happen when it happens…My younger-than-I-am-now-but-still-having-sex self? You don’t have to have sex with anyone. You are allowed to change your mind and not do it. Men don’t have a right to your body simply because you talked to them all night or they bought you drinks. It’s okay to go home alone.” – gingerfishes

7Love yourself.

“I wish I’d known it’s not a great idea to masturbate in the exact same way my whole life, because it’s really hard to replicate with a partner and nobody else has ever been able to get me off.” – flickhuck20

8Don’t forget to pee afterwards.

“Always, always, always pee after sex. Always. Also, be mindful of your lower back if you’re gonna do a lot of rear-entry. Healthy spines are pretty essential.” – Coffeeverse

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