Free Pizza Could Be the Cause of Your Next Breakup, According to a New Survey

The promise of free pizza for a year could be the reason your sex life has fizzled out, too.

When it comes to pizza, it’s pretty hard to pass up a slice or two when offered. But does this junk food fan-favorite hold more power over us than satisfying late-night cravings? It turns out Americans love pizza so much they’d be willing to stop having sex for it — as long as the offer includes a year of free pizza, that is.

Free Pizza Survey Graphic

A recent survey conducted by Gozney found that free pizza is definitely enough of a motivator to keep some folks from getting it on. The outdoor pizza oven company collected responses from 1,500 pizza lovers across the U.S. to learn more about what they were willing to do for love, life, and the pursuit of a free year of ‘za.

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According to the results, a whopping 64 percent of Americans would be totally fine giving up sex for a month in exchange for 365 days of free pizza. Although that’s an easy ask for someone who is single and in a bit of a sex drought, so the impact doesn’t feel quite as big.

However, if your partner suddenly calls it quits, and then you notice they’re eating more Domino’s soon after, it may be because the survey found that 24 percent of respondents would actually be willing to break up with their partner for a year of free pizza (we wonder if these are the same people who’d break up with their partner over crumbs in the bed…).

There is hope for the future of love and pizza, however. Not surprisingly, 60 percent of Americans find pizza to be the ultimate first date food. After all, what’s better than sharing a pie with someone you care about (especially when you can split the toppings)?

Making pizza at home is also a sweet, low-key date night activity — especially with the rising cost of pizza due to inflation, the survey notes. Thirty-five percent replied that they liked getting creative in the kitchen with pizza ingredients because it’s a way to spend quality time with friends and family.

Looking for more date ideas? Try tapping into your zodiac sign, or getting outside for a bit of fresh air (and yes, a pizza party in the park counts).

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