Sarah Jessica Parker just admitted the most bummer thing about “Sex and the City”

Most of us hadn’t seen anything quite like Sex and the City on television when it aired in the late ’90s and ’00s. While a group of gal pals sitting around, talking openly about sex and their lives was seen as pretty groundbreaking at the time, Sarah Jessica Parker says the show wasn’t “intentionally empowering,” but instead just an authentic look at life.

Carrie Bradshaw said what now?

Six seasons and two movies later, Parker sat down with actress Michelle Pfeiffer for Variety’s Actors on Actors and discussed the show, admitting that the word “empowering” wasn’t used on set or by the writers of the romantic dramedy — even though many find it to be just that.

“Because [Carrie] was a writer, she could ask lots of provocative questions and observe, and the other characters could, as they were archetypes, sort of make choices. It wasn’t intentionally empowering, I guess is my point."

That being the case, how did SJP view the ultimate message of the show?

Well, it was an authentic look at life:

“What does contentment mean? How do you reconcile the things you want with what you’re given? How do Carrie and her female friendships, how do they find love? she explained, adding, “It was a time and a place, economically and politically, that allowed for us to tell those stories that way.

You can watch the full interview between the two actresses here:

And now we’re about ready to binge Sex and the City for the hundredth time.

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