Kim Cattrall just confirmed a longstanding rumor about “Sex and the City”

Now that a third Sex and the City movie is officially dead, the series’ stars are ready to spill the tea. A lot of it. In the Year of our Lorde 2017, Kim Cattrall herself just confirmed a longstanding rumor about Sex and the City.

In an interview with Piers Morgan — of all people — Cattrall admitted that as much as she loved playing Samantha Jones, she wasn’t especially close to the Sex and the City cast. In fact, they “weren’t friends.”

As Cattrall explained, the relationship with her coworkers was exactly that: They were “colleagues,” and she described that as “a very healthy place to be” with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. That doesn’t sound so bad.

Over time, though, cast infighting became the series’ worst-kept secret.

As news of future film sequels kept bubbling to the surface, the situation began to seem more cliquey over at HBO. According to Cattrall, producers, writers, and stars seemed comfortable telling the media the one thing they could agree on: It’s all Kim Cattrall’s fault. And that’s what she doesn’t like. In fact, Cattrall wishes her not-friends would be a little more courteous about her decision to opt out of a third Sex and the City movie.

Contrary to popular belief, Cattrall “never asked for more money” to do the film. As she said to Morgan, being thought of “as some kind of diva,” for that reason in particular, “is absolutely ridiculous.” So…is she cool with the other reasons, then?

Adding to the Kim Cattrall Is Good, Actually campaign of 2017, she did have a suggestion for Sex and the City hopefuls: Just replace her. Hire a middle-aged actress of color to play Samantha Jones instead. How about that?

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