“Sex and the City” lovers, rejoice! This Instagram account birthed Woke Charlotte

Of the four Sex and the City women, who would be considered the most woke? Honestly, none of them, but the Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc decided to give “Woke Charlotte” a place in the world.

While the HBO show is one of the most popular series of all time, we couldn’t help but wonder notice that Sex and the City hasn’t aged well. Some language that the show got away with during the late 1990s and early 2000s would not go over well now. Lines like, “Trendy by day and tranny by night,” and, “I think [bisexuality] is just a layover on the way to Gay Town,” really have no place in anyone’s mouths — ever. Thankfully, Woke Charlotte is here to officially shut down these close-minded discussions as she opens new ones about the group’s homophobia, classism, racism, and more.

The women behind the conversations that Sex and the City fans have desperately been looking for are Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni, “co-conspirators” behind the “Every Outfit on Sex & the City” account and true fashion scholars. The Instagram usually sticks to reviewing outfits from the show, with captions that dig into the representation of designers and pieces according to each character.

But this new series — featuring Charlotte (played by Kristin Davis) calling out her friends on their complete bullshit — has taken the account to a whole new level.

Besides the fantastic, regularly-scheduled programing for which the Instagram account has already garnered praise, the Woke Charlotte series really puts it over the top. Sex and the City is a white feminist nightmare that really needed some saving, and finally our she-roes have arrived.

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