All the ridiculous ways humans met other humans on ‘Sex and the City’

I think I’ve finally come to a point in my life where I can accept that I’ll never have a Carrie Bradshaw-style apartment that can be afforded on a writer’s salary. I also may need to accept that I will likely never have a weekly column in a newspaper, nor will I ever be able to make overalls my “thing.” The other lie Sex and the City had me believe? That I’d barely be able to make it 15 feet outside of my apartment without accidentally running into the person of my dreams while we’re both taking out the trash, or going to brunch, or heading into the same bodega.

Unlike the magical adult world of Sex and the City, none of these things ever actually happen in real life, and they probably never will. That rent-controlled apartment is truly nothing but a dream and overalls should really be burned. But the harshest reality pill to swallow is the one I know so deeply to be true: it is not raining men or women or eligible partners, and I will likely never have one of those ridiculously perfect meet-cutes that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte seemed to have over, and over, and over.

What gives, Sex and the City? According to your gospel, finding a suitable date should be easier than finding a cab. But let me tell you, I have never met a guy at the gym, or a shoe store, or at an art gallery . . the list goes on and on. In honor of the Michael Patrick King fueled rumors that the show might be returning to HBO one day (squeal!), here are just some of the places where the gals have their infamous meet-cutes, and where we could too (if only we lived in the fairy tale world of Sex and the City, that is)!

Most frequent meet cute: art galleries

According to SATC, art galleries are basically equatable to bars for meeting people. Don’t get me wrong, I love art galleries. But for all the times I’ve frequented the Met or LACMA, I have never once struck up a conversation with anyone (like, anyone). Sometimes, I’m literally the only person in the gallery, just me and all the art, and my feelings. But the girls were always meeting people at Charlotte’s gallery. Then Carrie had to go off and meet Aleksandr at an art gallery, too. Not buying it.

Most ridiculous meet cute: in the middle of the road, after almost being hit by a rogue cab

Charlotte was just ho-hum walking down the street — OK she was actually escaping from what she thought was a bad date, but was really a proposition from a friend’s husband to start an affair. During her flee she fell into the street trying to hail a cab, and was almost run over. But the cab screeched to a halt, and out stepped her future husband, Trey. Love at first sight.

A favorite inappropriate place for a meet cute: funerals and cemeteries

The worst part? This situation happened on multiple SATC occasions. Both Charlotte and Samantha have meet-cutes when they should be mourning the dearly departed.

But those clearly aren’t the only meet cute location offenders. Here are some of the other ridiculous places that Sex and the City told us we could have that allusive meet cute. In no particular order, just a sampling of the many, many places the girls found love — or at least a date.

At fashion shows.

At shoe stores.

With a first love, reunited.

At jazz clubs.

With the handyman in their building.

With their gardener.

At a wedding.

At a raw-food restaurant.

While he’s stealing their taxi.

At a baseball game.

At a cocktail party.

At an FDNY calendar benefit.

In their building, when he moves in next door.

At his hand-made furniture showing.

At Aidan’s country house (specifically, in a barn).

At a Weight Watchers meeting.

At the gym.

At lunch with his parents.

At therapy, bonus points for giving us hope that Jon Bon Jovi could be the patient right before us.

At the massage parlor, while getting a massage.

At a ‘used dates’ party.

At a comic book store (oh trust me, I have been to many comic book stores, and never found a date).

At their publisher’s office.

While browsing at an outdoor bookstore.

On a bus to the Hamptons.

At a red carpet movie premiere.

While jogging in Central Park.

While out on a date with someone else

When he’s delivering divorce papers to their apartment.

At the Bethesda Fountain. Seriously, does that happen IRL?

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