Sew Cute: Flower Crown

There’s something so magical about flowers. Now that farmer’s market season has arrived in Chicago, I more often than not find myself stopping by in the afternoon to pick up a fresh bunch of peonies and cheerful daisies to brighten up my dining room table. I want to add flowers to everything in the summer: I wear blossom-covered dresses and headbands, and treat myself to floral-flavored sweets.

This week, I indulged my flowery fascination by creating a simple flower crown. I selected smaller blossoms—blue-tipped daisies and baby’s breath—and some wrapped wire for a more natural look. The best part about this sweet little accessory? The flowers are silk, so they’ll never wilt!


  • Florist’s wire (wrapped or unwrapped)
  • Fake flowers of any size and variety
  • Thread (I used green to match the flower stems, but you can really use any color)
  • Basic sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Optional: pliers

Craft away:

  • Measure around your head using the tape, and trim a piece of the florist’s wire to measure a few inches longer than that length. You may need to use pliers to cut your wire.
  • Fit the wire around your head to shape it, and twist the two ends together to form an oval. Remove the crown.
  • Snip small sprigs of fake flowers from the main stems.
  • Begin placing the flowers onto the crown, facing towards the front. To do this, thread the needle, wrap the end of the thread around the wire, and tie a knot. Then, holding the stem of the fake flower to the wire, wrap the thread around each stem multiple times. Pass the needle under the thread to tie a knot and hold your work in place.
  • Continue until you have added as many flowers as you want to the crown.
  • Trim away any loose threads or extra-long stems.
  • Ta da! You have a pretty floral crown, perfect to don for your next music festival or other special occasion.
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