Sew Cute: Appliquéd Scarf

Let’s talk about winter clothes. When I lived in the Seattle area, cold weather apparel meant a wool coat, a scarf, and maybe some gloves or a hat. In Chicago, though, it’s a whole other story—to keep warm, I almost have to wear my entire closet, topped by a giant coat that looks more like a sleeping bag! The upside of the chilly season, though, is that it’s inspired me to get more creative with my winter accessories.

This week, I was inspired to update one of my go-to pashmina shawls with some simple appliqués. I chose a classic rose pattern in cheerful colors, and added some texture with layers of small stitches. This project is easy to complete in an afternoon, but the results are so pretty and delicate. And after all, it’s much easier to face a never-ending winter when you’re feeling cute!


  • Scarf or pashmina shawl
  • Red fabric
  • Green fabric
  • Red thread
  • Green thread
  • Basic sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Optional: tracing paper and wheel

Craft away:

Draw a stylized rose on the piece of paper. To do this, draw a small circle on the paper, then add two wavy layers of petals.

Draw a leaf on the piece of paper. Cut all of the shapes out. Be sure to cut the roses out in one piece, around the outside edge of the shape.

Trace two of the roses onto the red fabric. If you’re using tracing paper: place the paper color-side down onto the fabric, then layer the rose template on top of it. Run the tracing wheel over the template and the tracing paper to transfer the color to the fabric. If you’re not using tracing paper: just trace around the outside edge of the rose shape. You’ll use the other lines on the template as a sewing guide later.

Trace four of the leaf shapes onto the green fabric, using the steps outlined above.

Cut all of the shapes out.

Pin one rose to one corner of the scarf, on the “right side” of the fabric (the side that faces out). Cut a couple of feet of red thread and fold it in half, then thread the needle and tie a knot.

Stitch the rose into place using a looping motion. Try to keep your stitches as close together as possible—this creates a more uniform look.

After the rose is attached, stitch over the other lines from the template to create the look of petals. You can either stitch over the dotted lines from the tracing paper, or just eyeball it. Use the same looping stitch for this.

One at a time, stitch the two leaves alongside the rose at a slight angle.

Repeat the above steps to attach the second rose and the remaining leaves to the other side of the scarf. Move the leaves onto the other side of the rose to create a mirrored look Show off your cozy, cute updated accessory!

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