A 7-year-old girl just invented the BEST superhero

Meet Natalie McGriff, an amazing, adorable little 7-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida, who just created our new favorite heroine: Moxie Girl.

It all started when Natalie began to feel self-conscious about her amazing natural hair. According to the New Pittsburgh Courier, her mother, Angie, encouraged her to create a story about it to help Natalie embrace her natural beauty. “I decided to help Natalie write this book because she was having self-esteem issues regarding her hair and she hated to read,” Angie told the New Pittsburgh Courier.

With her mother’s encouragement, Natalie got to work writing a comic book, The Adventures Of Moxie Girl, which features a girl of color who can’t stand her hair . . . until she uses a magical shampoo that transforms her curls into super-fighting afro puffs. Moxie Girl uses her awesome afro puffs to “fight for literacy and save the Jacksonville Public Libraries from a pack of hungry monsters looking to gobble it up,” according to the New Pittsburgh Courier. The outcome was inspiring for Natalie. As her mother said, “She now realizes how powerful and awesome her hair is and that in order for her to write a cool book, she needs to read more books and learn different words.”

Then, Natalie entered her girl-powered creation into One Spark, a crowd-funding festival where votes are cast for the best projects for an opportunity to win cash prizes. Out of 530 entries, guess who won a whopping prize of over $16,ooo? You guessed it: Natalie.

According to One Spark’s Adventures Of Moxie Girl page, Natalie is “seeking to encourage, uplift and empower other young girls of color that may be suffering from low self-esteem by creating a children’s book which transforms what many may see as flaws, into super powers. The goal is [to] create positive images of girls of color, causing them to take pride in themselves.”

Also huge props to Angie for helping her daughter creatively channel her self-esteem issues into an empowering project to help other little girls who are having the same problem. . . all while encouraging kids to read? Um, we’re thinking that Angie deserves the Mother Of The Year award for that fabulous move.

If you want to back The Adventures Of Moxie Girl, there are still 15 days left to contribute to the fundraiser. Rewards include Moxie Girl bookmarks, T-shirts, and even a painting. We are totally all for this amazing cause, and Natalie is seriously our new idol. Thanks for using your personal struggles to uplift the spirits of thousands of girls everywhere, Natalie. Go, Moxie Girl!

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