Seth Rogen’s mother is being peak mom on Twitter right now because he didn’t return her calls

You know that thing when someone calls you, you ignore their call, and then the caller sees that you’re very active on social media and puts you on blast for tweeting instead of returning their call? Yeah, this is kinda like that. Seth Rogen ignored his mother’s calls for one day, so Sandy Rogen did the most mom thing ever.

She went straight to Twitter (as you do) and in total mom-speak point blank asked him, “Where are you?”

We love it when mom’s cut right to the chase — no dressing up the language, just “WHERE ARE YOU?”

Since she knows her son is prone to tweeting, we’re guessing she thought that would be a better way to get his attention (?!).

Twitter even chimed in. #WhereIsSethRogen.

Thankfully, Seth set the record straight.

"When you don't answer your mom's phone calls for a day," Seth joked on the timeline.

(Wondering where your kid “is” when she or he ignores your calls for a few hours is peak mom.)

Sandy’s responses to Seth’s snark were even more perfect.

Sandy is something of a Twitter icon. Over the summer she tweeted “Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga.”

Seth nearly lost his damn mind.

Sandy is too much!

If you aren’t following Sandy on Twitter, do yourself a favor and hit that “follow” button. She reviews her son’s movies:

She has thoughts about Kris Jenner:

She schools her son for not noticing plants:

We’re officially obsessed. Seth Rogen’s mom is truly living her best online life.

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