Seth Rogen getting adorably schooled by his mom on Twitter is all we needed today

In his 2012 movie The Guilt Trip, Seth Rogen plays a son whose mother (Barbra Streisand, shout!) is very involved in his life, like very, very, very involved, like Seth Rogen spends the entire movie going crazy because of the level of involvement

Well, real life is not quite as intense as the movie, but it’s hilarious to know now that Seth’s IRL mom also has a tendency to deep-dive into her son’s life.

Look at how happy mama Rogen is to see him, even in poster form!

Recently, Rogen posted a pic of a plant on Twitter in an attempt to crowdsource its identity:

And it was Mama Rogen who had the answer:

The convo didn’t stop there:

That “,” we die, oh moms!

At this point Seth got, well, we won’t say defensive, but…

To which Mama Rogen clarified:

Okay, now Seth is being defensive. Like, joke-defensive. But still:

This next one from Sandy is the epitome of “That’s nice, dear.” (P.S. Sandy, we love you):

One of Seth’s Twitter followers sums up what we’re all thinking at this point:

While another points out that if you want to hear more of Sandy’s thoughts on Seth, she’s a straight-up Twitter film critic with plenty of 140-characters-or-less thoughts on her son’s work:

Can they remake The Guilt Trip, but as a documentary with Seth and Sandy? We doubt Sandy would drive Seth nearly as crazy-town as Barbra’s character, but we would pay good money to see these two take a cross-country road trip together.

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