Seth Rogen wants his mom to stop tweeting about sex, and LOL

No one ever wants to hear their parents talk about their sex life…or sex in general. But Seth Rogen’s mom tweeted about sex and his response to her, er, candid admission was hilarious.

Seth’s momma, Sandy Rogen, had some thoughts about the joys of post-coital bliss yesterday. Naturally, Seth was not here for this. But it seems she has no intention of censoring her 140-character thoughts. The special tweet went out to her 42,000+ followers yesterday, INCLUDING her children. We can’t blame Seth for his reaction, but their Twitter convo about the situation is exactly what you need for a good laugh this morning.

Sandy started the sexy Twitter train by tweeting this revelation:

Seth saw the tweet and had this to say back…LOL.

But sweet ‘ol Sandy didn’t miss a beat, laying out the facts for her very famous son:

Seth seemingly tried to end it there, but Mama Rogen wasn’t done just yet.

She gave the best mom-response back, and we are dying.

Oh moms!

Seth’s sister Danya Rogen got in on the action, sharing her sheer disgust for her mom’s TMI tweet.

But Mama Rogen DNGAF about all of that, because she’s just trying to live her best life, everyone.

Of course, the trio’s Twitter followers had a field day with this, with one user taking the opportunity to ask Mrs. Rogen how her son is doing these days.

Moms on Twitter are great, and we especially recommend everyone to follow Seth’s mom Sandy. She’s the giver of hilarious family photos, movie reviews, and personal tidbits…as you can clearly see. Mama Rogen, we heart you, even if you do embarrass your kids from time to time!