Seth Rogen’s mom tweeted about seeing a woman’s “hoo hoo” in yoga, and her son had the most LOL response

Just in case you needed one more reason to love Seth Rogen’s mom, here it is. Seth made us aware of his mom Sandy Rogen’s social media presence a ways back, so we know that she always keeps it real on Twitter, but this is…a lot. This week, Sandy tweeted about seeing another woman’s “very private parts” during a yoga class and embarrassed her son in the process, you know, as any good mom would.

It all started when Sandy tweeted her experience, wondering whether or not it would be appropriate to inform her classmate that her pants were leaving nothing to the imagination.

Tbh, it’s a valid question — not all yoga pants are created equal, and some of us would like to know if we aren’t as covered as we’d prefer to be in public, especially when doing the crazy front and back poses that yoga requires. Yet vagina talk from your mom is always a little awkward, so sure, we feel for Seth.

But as for the rest of us? This exchange couldn’t have been more perfect. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by seeing a celebrity’s mom make him feel all shy and weird on social media?

Here’s her tweet:

And Seth’s response:

BUT WAIT. There’s more. Her son replying to her just made her want to explain the situation even more, and that led to her using our new favorite euphemism for vagina: “hoo hoo.”

Clearly, this made things even worse for Seth:

To be completely fair, Seth doesn’t have a leg to stand on here. Being that he’s written and starred in movies like Superbad and This Is the End, it’s not like he’s a prude — in fact, he’s known for his raunchy comedy. And now that we’ve seen Sandy’s tweets, we have a feeling he may have gotten it from his really funny mama.

Keep on tweeting, Sandy. What are the chances Seth would let her star in a movie with him? Or even better, a reality show where we get to see more of that personality she’s showing us on Twitter? We’re totally down.

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