Seth Rogen just threw James Franco a bar mitzvah

No matter what you were doing on Friday night, chances are your plans didn’t quite level up to Seth Rogen and James Franco’s evening. The dynamic comedy duo had a 100% real and official bar mitzvah for Franco, complete with readings in Hebrew and a Rabbi.

But this isn’t the only bar mitzvah James Franco will get to celebrate. Seth Rogen is throwing another, not-official bar mitzvah for his pal later this month with Hilarity for Charity, a benefit raising funds for Alzheimer’s.

“The Rabbi wouldn’t do it on the actual event, so he did it last night at our friend’s house,” Rogen told Vulture. “We filmed it and we’ll show it at our fundraiser.

Over the weekend, Franco posted to Instagram a picture from the event. His caption: “I am now a man.”

So what does Rogen have planned for the bar mitzvah redux?

“I’m trying to organize a hora, specifically with some Jewish pop singers,” he said. “If there’s any singer who’s Jewish, we’re getting them in there. Lisa Loeb. I think Haim is Jewish, I’m not sure. But yeah, we’ll find them.”

(Image via Sony/ Instagram)