Seth Rogen tried to do an interview while playing with puppies and we are overwhelmed

Seth Rogen is a name you’re unlikely to forget unless you’ve been living under a literal rock for the past decade. He’s one of the reigning masters of comedy and has brought you titles such as Pineapple Express, Superbad and This Is The End.

In celebration of his upcoming film Sausage Party, which follows the adventures of food from the supermarket and beyond, Rogen sat down, thanks to Buzzfeed, with hot dog costumed pups to answer questions we’ve all wanted to know.

Of course they were there to help even if they chewed up questions with their cute little faces.


What is the funniest encounter you’ve had with a fan?


Rogen: “I had a guy at Shake Shack come up to me the other day and say, “Whoa, are you Seth Rogen?” And I said, “Yeah.” And he said, “No, you’re not.”

Of all your movies, which are you most proud of?


Rogen: “I’ve been working on it for like ten years. And I think it’s very unique and funny.”

What are some tips you would give someone to laugh like Seth Rogen?


Gifsets not enough? See the full video here!

Need even more Rogen-esque humor in your life? Check out Sausage Party in theaters now!