Seth Rogen might be able to see the future, because he’s been working on a Fyre Festival-esque movie for months

By now, you’ve probably heard about the disaster that was the Fyre Festival. It felt like nobody could have predicted the insane events that took place over the course of the festival. But, it seems like Seth Rogen might have known all along how funny something like this would turn out. He also knew, if it did, it would make a pretty hilarious movie.

Even before Fyre was making the news, Seth Rogen has been thinking about it all along. He tweeted earlier in the week about his plans for the film. The Lonely Island movie collaborationplot sounds super similar to the real life festival fail.

The Lonely Island fellas confirmed Seth’s claims about “stealing” his idea in this hilarious tweet.

The movie will star the brilliant performers of The Lonely Island, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer. According to Rogen, it is about a music festival “gone horribly wrong.” It seems like it mimics what went down at Fyre.

The event, hosted by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, was meant to be a luxury event.

It was advertised as a major cultural moment, but the reality was far from the concept.

Things went quickly wrong. Promises of an awesome time turned terribly wrong. Janan Busier told NPR, “You were promised chargers for your phone — did not get that. You were promised food — we were like starving. And you were promised safety, you were promised to be taken care of, you were promised an experience of a lifetime. And yes, it was quite the experience, but not in a positive way.”

Now, we’re not saying that Seth Rogen can actually predict the future, but it is convenient coincidence that he was plotting a movie with the exact same plot as the disaster at Fyre Festival. And we can only imagine that this could be great fodder for a comedy movie. It’s just crazy that it also happened IRL.

Maybe we should look at some of his other projects to predict future events.