Seth Rogen admitted that “Superbad” and “Jersey Shore” have this one thing in common

When you think of your favorite comedy movies, Superbad might be on that list. And by might be, we mean is definitelySeth Rogen spouted some Superbad trivia on Twitter yesterday to help celebrate the movie’s tenth anniversary (can you believe it?) and we’re loving all of the behind-the-scenes knowledge he dropped.

The movie was pretty important for a few reasons. For one, while it featured Michael Cera and Jonah Hill — two of our favorite funny guys — it also helped introduce the world to Emma Stone. Stone played the character Jules in what is actually her very first movie. As she’s now the highest paid actress in Hollywood, we think it was pretty decent exposure.

One of the most interesting things Rogen admitted about Superbad is that it’s actually, strangely, tied to another guilty pleasure — Jersey Shore.

We’re so curious as to when this conversation took place, but we’ve got to believe him. It might just make you ponder that encounter when you’re binge-watching Jersey Shore reruns. (Can you just imagine Rogen hanging out with the cast? Maybe he can pop up during the reunion show, and work with them on another Jersey Shore-friendly acronym — GTL.)

If you’ve been curious about how Rogen decided on the title Superbad for the movie (especially since it’d be perfect for headlines had the movie not done so well), he credits his friend David Krumholtz, who you might know from shows like Numb3rsThe Good Wife, and Mom.

Rogen also shared that the movie means a lot to him for two reasons. One, it was partially autobiographical.

And two, because he’s been able to write more films with his best buddy since it was released.

It kind of sounds like Rogen is living the dream.

To celebrate ten solid years, we definitely know what movie we’ll be rewatching tonight.

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