Seth Meyers’ Golden Globes joke about “seedy” James Franco was spot-on foreshadowing

The 2018 Golden Globes were one of the most political awards shows in recent memory. While the focus was, of course, on the far-reaching films and TV shows that graced our screens this past year, the tone was that of unwavering activism. From the get-go, host Seth Meyers set the bar high for calling out elephants in the room as he commented on the culture of sexual misconduct that has plagued Hollywood forever. One of his comments stuck out, though, and it was the one about “seedy” James Franco.

The Disaster Artist actor has been under siege since his win last night in the Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical category, and Franco’s hypocrisy has been called out all over Twitter. Franco wore the “Time’s Up” pin on his tuxedo jacket, showing his support for the movement that aims to make those who have abused their power in Hollywood understand that their time is up. But since his time on stage last night, Franco has been accused of being a powerful predator himself.

"I live in New York, so one of my favorite shows this year was The Deuce," said Meyers in his opening monologue. "If you haven't seen it, The Deuce is a show about Times Square in the early '70s, when New York was so seedy there were two James Francos."

While it’s not entirely clear whether Meyers’ comments about Franco have anything to do with genuine concern about possible Franco victims — like The Breakfast Club’s Ally Sheedy — it is clear that many believe James Franco is a seedy guy. false

There’s too much speculation to say for sure what Meyers meant by his joke, or whether the allegations against Franco’s behavior have anything to do with his comment. Either way, we’re keeping our eyes open.