Seth Meyers hilariously rants about how close Thanksgiving and Christmas are, speaks for all of us

This time of year always brings about some degree of stress for us all. Seth Meyers, former SNL star and host of Late Night, is clearly getting bogged down by the intensity of the holiday season, and he didn’t feel like bottling it up anymore. So he went off on a very funny, very relatable rant about the close proximity between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“There is something that I have been meaning to get off my chest for a while now and… I usually don’t air my personal opinions on the show, and, uh, this one has gotten me into trouble in the past. But I’m sorry, I have to say this: Thanksgiving is too close to Christmas!”

We feel you, Seth. We feel you. Seth breaks into a minute-long rant about how we’re all being tricked by the system, and that having two eating-centered holidays back to back is a “totally wack” way for the fitness industry to take all of our money come New Years. He’s got a point.

The funniest part of this clip, though, is the fact that we don’t actually hear a single word of his tirade. In fact, it’s completely voiced over by a network rep insisting that these opinions were not in alignment with the network policy, and thus deemed too inappropriate to air.


Seth then lists all the things he would rather do than partake in Black Friday shopping: fight a gorilla, put his “junk” inside a Nutribullet, and drink Windex. (He then picks up a bottle of window cleaner and drinks half of it, because obviously.) The spoof continues with him getting into an argument with his brother, which their parents amusingly watch from the audience.

When the rant is over, the network resumes the program, and Seth concludes by sipping on the window cleaner. It’s a holiday delight.

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