Seth Meyers desperately trying to befriend Miley Cyrus on “Late Night” is our everything

We’re probably all in agreement that Miley Cyrus is pretty cool, and that we all want to be her best friend. And you know who else is desperate to be on BFF terms with the pop star? Seth Meyers!

Yup, the fact that he is 22 -years-older than her seems irrelevant, because we just got wind from Vulture that the two hung out together in the hilarious (and painfully awkward in the best possible way) segment on his show, Forced Friendship.


Since Cyrus just became a host on NBC’s The Voice, Meyers decided to give her a tour of Rockefeller Center. Like a gentleman, sort of.

He naturally dons a septum ring to appear like a young and hip millennial. Was Cyrus impressed? Hmmmm, not particularly. She looked genuinely concerned, in fact.

But they kept on truckin.’

"So, this is Studio 8G where I do my show, but if you think this is lame and you'd rather do graffiti on subway cars, we could totally do that," Meyers said.

He also used a incomprehensible tidal wave of slang, like,  “that’s totes adorbs chill AF.” Like… all together in a sentence.

Was Cyrus fooled at all, you ask? You really just…have to see this for yourself. And kudos to both of them for freaking hilarious performances.

LOL. Still laughing, guys.

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