Seth MacFarlane impersonates celebrities, makes us laugh forever

Seth MacFarlane is the reigning King of Impressions. Not only does he lend his voice to Stewie on Family Guy, and the all-too-real teddy bear, Ted (I’m not the only one stoked to see Ted 2, RIGHT?), but he’s also mastered the art of impersonating other people, too. On his latest visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, MacFarlane pulled out a brand new persona: Liam Neeson.

In the game “Wheel of Impressions,” Fallon spins said wheel — OK, fine, it’s a button — and then MacFarlane has to talk about a specific topic using the voice of a given celebrity. Right out of the gate, the first one he gets is “Liam Neeson” and he’s got to discuss “Time Warner Cable.” The moment he slips into the voice, it’s like we’re watching a weird installment of Taken, because his impression is SPOT ON, and yes, if that’s the voice on the other end of the Time Warner Cable support line, we are signing up for whatever cable we’re told to order.

Other combinations of voices and topics include Fallon imitating Jerry Seinfeld discussing Uber (“What’s the deal with Uber?”—which you totally just read in Seinfeld’s voice), and then both guys do a great Pee-wee Herman.

If you’re in for a case of Tuesday giggles, this is it right here. Check out the whole video below!

(Image via YouTube)

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