The cast of “A Wrinkle in Time” keeps sharing the most magical photos from the New Zealand set

We are in serious need of a vacay right now, and the pictures from the A Wrinkle in Time set are actual #VacationGoals. It’s been about a week since the stars of the upcoming A Wrinkle in Time film touched down in New Zealand, and the photos are SO beautiful.

The future Disney film, which is based on the book by Madeleine L’Engle, will star Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Oprah. Even though the film isn’t coming out anytime soon, they are already filming!

In fact, the fabulous cast has been documenting the scenery and adventures while on set down under, and it’s made us ready for spring break, right now.

Seriously, the pictures are SO dreamy and magical.

Witherspoon and Kaling started their adventure to the movie’s location together, and their friendship is making us really happy. They even posed for a selfie once they finally landed.

Next, the two explored the island.

"New Zealand, why are you so magical? #nofilter because nature 🇳🇿❤️," the Legally Blonde actress captioned a picturesque look at the scenery.

Can we be BFFs with these ladies, please?

Oprah got in on the exploring trend once she arrived, and she showed off some pretty scenes from New Zealand.

Just look at this view.

When the ladies weren’t taking in the beautiful mountains and rivers, they were drinking in the views…literally.

Hot tub wine machine anyone?

Or maybe, a wine tasting adventure for one!

Oh, and who could blame Kaling for wanting to visit the land of Lord of the Rings as soon as she had a minute to herself.

We’d join in on this lady’s night any day…no questions asked.

All we need now is a flight to New Zealand. What about you?