You need to see this service dog doing Disneyland the right way

With the help of social media, we’ve been able to see how our friends and celebs chose to spend their fun-filled days at Disney Parks. From anticipation over Star Wars Land in California, to  new sites at the new Shanghai location, Disney is known for creating the most epic experiences for their park goers. But, the happiest place on earth isn’t just reserved for humans anymore. Apparently, there’s room for your service pets to have the time of their lives at Disney as well!

We recently came across a photo of a canine friend doing Disney right. And while events like him taking dips in the park fountains, and enjoying hot treats on the Magical Kingdom lawn weren’t pictured, we did get to observe as he sat patiently while getting his caricature drawn!

Disneyland dogs are so cute!

We totally must give kudos to the pup for maintaining his cool while getting the portrait done. Not sure if you’ve ever experienced this Disney rites of passage before, but it’s totally not as easy as it looks to sit completely still until it’s complete.

But, don’t start planning all of the pup-friendly things you’d want to do on park grounds during your next visit just yet! According to their website, your pet must totally be a service animal in order to mix and mingle onsite. But if you do bring a service pup with you, there’s nothing wrong with giving him a break from his helpful role for a little fun on his own!

The best part is, this pup isn’t the only dog seen enjoying some Disneyland fun. Remember this guy back in February?

You know, we’re pretty okay with Disneyland going to the dogs!

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