This adorable service doggo gave birth to puppies in the middle of a crowded airport, and yes, there’s a video

In insanely good news that’s so cute we want to scream, a service dog named Eleanor “Elle” Rigby (named after the Beatles song, of course) gave birth to eight puppies right before she was scheduled to board a plane at Tampa International Airport on Friday, May 25th. While her owners knew the yellow lab was pregnant, they thought they still had a significant amount of time before her due date.

Elle delivered eight puppies total — seven boys and a girl. Even better, the father — who’s also a yellow lab and a service dog — was there, too.

Of course, since the birth came as a bit of a shock, the owners needed some help welcoming their new litter. The Tampa Fire Rescue, as well as multiple airport staff, were on hand to help Elle in her time of need. And as expected, the birth — understandably — caught the attention of travelers who weren’t expecting to see a yellow lab giving birth as they made their way to their gates.

Take a look at the adorable scene.

Elle’s owners ended up missing their flight, and instead will be traveling the 10,000 miles to Philadelphia by car with all ten dogs. It sounds like it’ll be quite the memorable road trip.

We don’t know what’s more adorable — the newborn puppies, or the fact that so many members of the community came forward to help Elle in her time of need.

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