Seriously, Britney Spears has the best advice for the haters

If you’re ever in doubt about how to respond to the haters, look to Britney Spears for she has *all* the answers.

In case you weren’t aware, Britney Spears has been our Queen for nearly 20 years. The singer burst onto the scene 18(!) years ago with her seminal classic “…Baby One More Time,” and since then she’s been slaying it for nearly 20 years. Whether it’s becoming the ruler of Instagram (seriously, she’s hilarious), or killing it during her Las Vegas residency, Brit Brit is happy, healthy, and on top of the world right now, and we seriously couldn’t be happier for her.

Of course being a celebrity in 2017 means that you can often be subjected to some pretty nasty comments online and in the media. t

However, Britney Spears has the best advice for anyone dealing with the haters.

In a cute and hilarious post on social media, Britney proved that she doesn’t let negativity into her life. In fact, she does quite the opposite…she spins around to remove it.

"Spinning for the haters," she wrote before adding:  "Who says you have to grow up 💛💛💛"

Omg, doesn’t Brit looks so darn happy? Seriously, we’ll have a cup of whatever she’s had!

This isn’t the first time that Brit has twirled for the haters. Last year, Britney shared a video of her spinning under a waterfall, using her powers to dispel hate and negativity. We’re not gonna lie, we kinda live for Spinningney.

Meanwhile, in an interview with magazine last year, Britney announced that she really doesn’t care what the haters says.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I kind of don’t pay attention to [the hate],” she said. “I have my relationship with God and myself and that’s what matters to me. I really don’t care what most people think.”

Tbh, we could all take a leaf out of Britney Spears’ book. We love her attitude and positivity. And if in doubt, just make sure you have room to twirl.

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