The trailer for HBO’s Serial spinoff is here, and it teases new evidence

Almost five years after Serial Season 1 captivated listeners, more developments in the murder of Hae Min Lee are continuing to come to light. In March 2018, Adnan Syed, who was convicted of the crime (perhaps wrongfully), was officially granted a retrial. Shortly after, HBO announced a new docuseries about the story called The Case Against Adnan Syed. Now, the first look at the series is here, and it promises to unveil even more evidence in the ever-evolving case.

Yesterday, February 5th, HBO released the trailer for the series, which hints at a major new piece of evidence. The video contains interviews with Rabia Chaudry, a friend of the Syed family who introduced the case to Serial host Sarah Koenig. Since the release of Serial, she has continued to advocate for Syed’s release, publishing a book called Adnan’s Story and co-hosting a podcast called Undisclosed, which explores evidence that wasn’t discussed in Serial.

"When you are working on a case that you think is a wrongful conviction, you’re only on one side, and that side is getting to the truth," she says in the trailer.

The trailer also references Syed’s retrial, which suggests that the series will delve into the ongoing legal battle. The Baltimore Sun reports that Syed’s case was brought before the Maryland Court of Appeals in November, but it’s not clear when the judges will issue a ruling. According to HBO’s websiteThe Case Against Adnan Syed has been in production since 2015 and is directed by Academy Award nominee Amy Berg. The Baltimore Sun reports that it will come out next spring, although a firm date has yet to be announced.

This docuseries can’t get here soon enough.

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