‘Serial’ is back! And here’s what we can tell you about the first episode

Yup, you read that right. Our favorite crime-solving podcast is back in a big way, and this time it’s about a story you’ve likely heard about before.

Season 2 of Serial will cover the story of American Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl who left his post in Afghanistan in 2009 and was subsequently captured and held hostage by the Taliban for almost five years.

The story was splashed across every newspaper, and every major news network covered it for weeks on end, but there is still so much of this story left to unearth. The podcast’s official site describes the Bergdahl story as having global implications, saying “it spins out in so many unexpected directions. Because, yes, it’s about Bowe Bergdahl and about one strange decision he made, to leave his post. But it’s also about all of the people affected by that decision, and the choices they made.”

The first episode will start on the night Bergdahl made to the decision to leave his outpost and walk the 20 miles to the base at BOB Sharana. This episode addresses what that walk would have been like and what obstacles he would have faced along the way. The season will feature never-before-heard interviews between Bergdal and Hollywood screenwriter Mark Boal among other never-before-heard revelations. “The story is complicated,” and according to NPR, “The Army has charged [Bergdahl] with desertion, but questions still abound about why he walked away from his military outpost in southeastern Afghanistan in 2009 and what happened after he was captured by the Taliban.”  

Bowe Bergdahl makes his case on the second season of “Serial” https://t.co/wpRLiNTcOn pic.twitter.com/nOws5WF0b6

In case you forgot, Serial is produced by the very popular podcast This American Life and gained fame last year as host Sarah Koenig and her team investigated the case of Adnan Syed who was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Because of all the attention from Serial’s coverage, new evidence has been uncovered in the Adnan Syed case and he is scheduled to get a new hearing.

Season 2 could possibly have more far-reaching implications as the story crosses international borders and includes the United States Military. But if anybody can get to the bottom of a mystery, it’s Sarah Koenig and the folks at Serial.

I guess we know what we’ll be doing over the holiday break.

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