Zach Sherwin just delivered the only ‘Serial’ rap song you need to hear!

Oh snap! W. Kamau Bell too! At first I was ready to call ‘Sandman’ Sims to come get Zach Sherwin but after HG editor Gina Mei told me to keep listening I found my hands in the ayerrr and my head nodding in agreement. Listen as Zach takes the memorable ‘Serial’ theme music and drops verses about all of the discussions fans of the show are familiar with. I have to give it to him, his flow is good, versers are skillfully sewn together, and he manages to address the topics listeners have been posting about for the last 12 episodes. Now that the first season of ‘Serial’ is over all we have left is the hours of debating and, my personal fave, Rabia Chaudry’s blog

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