The latest updates from the ongoing ‘Serial’ drama

The Sarah Koenig-fronted podcast Serial, an exploration of the 1999 murder of high school student Hae Min Lee and her convicted killer Adnan Syed, wrapped up at the end of December. But the story isn’t over yet.

Though Koenig’s investigation into Lee’s death wrapped, the interest piqued through her exploration has lead to other people picking up the threads of the case. The latest? Asia McClain (remember, the girl who said she saw Adnan in the library right at the time that Hae Min Lee was allegedly being killed? The girl who wrote Adnan two letters while he was in jail?) wrote a new affidavit restating that she was with Adnan during the time of the murder. The affidavit, which she provided to The Blaze, says she had “c[o]me to understand [her] importance to the case” and realized she “needed to step forward and make [her] story known to the court system.” Basically, she’s maintaining that Adnan has an alibi and she’s ready to testify. 

Many new pieces to the puzzle have emerged since the last episode of Serial. A few weeks back on The Intercept, Jay Wilds, a key witness for the prosecution and police, gave an extended interview laying out his side of the story, throwing some of the timeline of the killing into question.

Prosecutor Kevin Urick also took to the same site to claim that Koenig and her team didn’t contact him about the story until the podcast was nearly at the end of his run.

“They did not make multiple attempts to reach me,” Urick said. “They never showed up at my office.”

But Koenig’s team says that they had indeed attempted to contact Urick several times in the months before Serial began airing, and that Urick didn’t respond to any of those requests.

So far the Serial team hasn’t responded to the Asia McClain news, but her version of the history is certainly a point in favor of Adnan’s innocence. More to come, we’re sure of it.

And don’t expect the drama around Serial to end anytime soon. Syed’s case is heading to the Maryland appeals court this month, which is sure to set off another wave of interviews and examinations.

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