Serial Cellulite Fighters Unite in New Video By Vichy

Personally, I like to try to punch it out with my fists when I’m drunk-dancing in front of my mirror. (Cellulite, that is.) Not hard enough to bruise my peach-like skin, but hard enough to send it back from whence it came. I don’t remember when the flesh-eating cottage cheese became a problem, but since it crept onto my thighs I’ve tried everything within my financial reach to make it go away. I typically spend 20 solid minutes committed to any given “miracle technique,” immediately followed by 20 minutes of amateur acrobatics in front of a full-length mirror to see if I’ve made any progress on the problem spots. (I never make any progress.)

Thankfully, Vichy recently reminded me that other women feel my pain. “Cellulite Confessions,” a promo video for their new cellulite cream (called CelluDestock), is edgy, funny and fresh. Whether or not Vichy’s product actually does the damn thing remains to be seen, but their video paints a pretty accurate/entertaining picture of what us gals will go through to achieve a dent-free body (for the record, I’ve never had a small child vacuum my butt, but am now considering it). It’s a tad risque for a big beauty brand, but it’s definitely more relatable than your average ad — you know, the one that depicts a celebrity swearing, through bleached veneers, that you too can be pretty and perfect by purchasing the product they’re hawking.

Anyone else out there struggling with cellulite? What have you done to condemn the dents? Am I doomed to wearing knee-length shorts forever?

Featured image via Vichy

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