Heads up Serial fans, the show is moving to a new schedule

Those of you who wait with bated breath every week for Thursday to roll around so you can get your Serial fix are going to find yourself, alas, waiting a little bit longer now.

As the New York Times reports, though the second season of Serial is underway, the show is going to be switching from its established weekly schedule to a bi-weekly schedule. Starting now. Yes, that means no new Serial this Thursday. Fans are going to have to wait ’til Thursday, January 21st to find out what happens next in the Saga of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Why, why, whyyyyyyyyy would Sarah Koenig and Co. DO this to us?

As it turns out, this isn’t punishment for not being good enough Serial fans. This season’s story is a developing one, and in order to do it justice, additional reporting had been deemed necessary. So they’re not doing this TO us, they’re doing this FOR us. So we can have the best possible podcast delivered to our phones every Thursday every OTHER Thursday.

So what do you do while waiting for your beloved Serial? Here are some A+ alternatives to audio-binge during those waiting weeks:


Criminal is like a mini-Serial every week! Every episode explores a this-actually-happened-whut true crime story. Some episodes are hilarious, some are devastating, all are smart as heck and bananas-listenable.

If you need somewhere to start, the most recent episodes “It Looked Like Fire,” “Deep Dive,” and “The Stay” are together an insane streak of podcasting brilliance.


You Must Remember This is a ” podcast exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century.”

So yes, the focus is movie history, not criminal investigation, but real talk, Old Hollywood is all about the lawbreaking, and there’s all kinds of murder and mayhem that happens when the camera stops rolling

Longworth pulled a Serial this summer and did a 12-part episode about The Manson Murders, and it’s one of the best podcast listens ever, YES EVER.


Sarah Koenig is a This American Life alum who made a show about solving a mystery. Here’s Starlee Kine, ANOTHER This American Life alum who made a show about solving many, many mysteries. These mysteries tend to be a smidge lighter than Serial‘s (like figuring out the actual height of Jake Gyllenhaal, no, seriously). It’s funny, it’s poetic, it’s way too great, get your listen on.

(Images via PRX, Panoply, Gimlet)