Serena Williams revealed what scares her most about becoming a mom

It feels like we just heard the news yesterday, but tennis star Serena Williams will be a mom in just a few more weeks. We can imagine that with every passing day, Williams is thinking more about motherhood. In fact, she opened up about the topic in an interview with Australian magazine Stellar.

In her interview, she admitted that she’s gained a whole new respect for women, and said that the act of giving birth will be “something incredibly impressive to go through.” But going into labor is only part of it. And since Williams said she doesn’t have a ton of experience with babies, there’s so much insight she’s going to gain.

She revealed that her husband-to-be, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, was enrolled in a “Daddy’s class” that’ll help him brush up on the basics.

"I have never been around babies," she said. "I need a Baby 101 class — they don’t have one for the women! He’ll probably know more [than me] after his four-hour course."

Still, that’s not the scariest thing for Williams.

Since she’s so career-centric (and originally made plans to hit the court right after the birth of her child), she’s terrified of how she’ll balance motherhood and her most beloved sport.

"That’s the scariest thing, Williams said. "[But] I think [giving birth] will give me more strength, if that’s possible, and a lot more confidence. I feel like I will be ready for anything."

It’s definitely possible — once you’ve given birth, you realize how powerful your body can be. While there are a few techniques that many moms-to-be can read up on, it’s not something you can necessarily train for.

We have a feeling that Serena Williams will be able to master both of her most important roles without a problem.

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