Serena Williams just gave us an update on how her pregnancy is going so far

There’s nothing better than a healthy and happy pregnancy. Even though she’s heard horror stories, Serena Williams is thrilled about her pregnancy thus far. The tennis player and mom-to-be sat down with E! News to set a few records straight. Since she’s been making headlines a bunch for her upcoming wedding and new arrival, surely a few facts were misconstrued throughout the way.

First, Williams discussed the baby on the way. And while she categorized many pregnant women as either having a wonderful or miserable time with it, she’s so happy to find herself enjoying each minute.

"I have been really fortunate and I have had a really good pregnancy, and everything has just been really good," she said. "Sometimes I am walking in my house, and I'm like, 'I really like being pregnant.' I never thought I would say that. I am definitely [the type] that enjoys it."

Surely she’s gotten one popular pregnancy question a bunch — cravings. While some pregnant women crave salty stuff (hence, the pickles stereotype) others can’t even explain why they’re suddenly reaching for tall glasses of milk with a side of ice cream. Sadly, Williams hasn’t sensed anything out of the ordinary yet.

"I am a little disappointed with that," Williams admitted. "But I am OK with it because I feel like, maybe if I had the cravings, I would have a tougher pregnancy."

She did admit that she was eating much healthier than normal by getting her protein through nuts and fish.

While she always looks fantastic, she’s really glowing these days.

Chances are, she’ll have that happy glow at her wedding as well. While there’ve been rumors about Serena Williams getting secretly hitched to fiance Alexis Ohanian, Williams made it pretty clear that things would probably take place post-baby. Because, well — she wants to be able to celebrate her bachelorette party. Makes sense to us.

We wish Williams the best during this final stretch!

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