Serena Williams’ French Open look had an empowering hidden message, and we’re bowing down

At the 2018 French Open, Serena Williams made her triumphant return to the tennis court after welcoming baby daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian just nine months earlier. While she crushed it on the court, her outfit choice—a catsuit which she wore to help support blood circulation after medical complications she faced giving birth—stirred controversy. Ultimately, it inspired officials to enact a catsuit ban at the tournament shortly after.

Of course, the idea of the “dress code” felt pretty sexist. So when the tennis champ came back for this year’s match, she wore a stunning custom look with an empowering hidden message.

Williams took to Instagram on Sunday, May 26th to post a few gorgeous shots of her 2019 look. The outfit is a Nike collaboration with Virgil Abloh, a designer the tennis pro has worked with several times in the past. The black and white ensemble featured a coordinated crop top, skirt, and jacket.

The jacket features empowering words like “Champion,” “Queen,” “Goddess,” and “Mother” in French.

It feels like a subtle nod to the “dress code” put in place after the 2018 French Open.


On Monday, May 27th, Williams beat Russian player Vitalia Diatchenko in her opening match, and she’s well on her way to securing her 24th (!) Grand Slam title this year. Yes, she’s a superhero.

Of course, the focus really shouldn’t be on the players’ fashion choices on or off the court. But we love that Williams infuses her personal style while absolutely slaying it with each match. She’s always an inspiration to us no matter what she wears, dress codes be damned.

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