Serena Williams is having the most glamorous French babymoon ever

Serena Williams is the queen of working hard. With an incredible win record, and probably several rooms filled shelves of trophies, this is a lady for whom maximum effort is part of the daily schedule. That’s why we’re so thrilled that, with her baby due soon, Serena is taking some much needed time to chill on a babymoon in France! Work hard, play harder, right?

The glamazon super-athlete shared a series of simply gorgeous photos on Insta this week.

The twilight setting, the rustic French villa? Enchanting! This looks like the perfect place to soak up some serenity before facing an athletic challenge: giving birth!

If that kimono looks familiar to fashionistas, we’re not suprised!

Turns out it’s the same one she wore to watch her sister Venus compete in the French Open earlier this month!

Serena’s fiance, Alexis Ohanian, gave us even more of the beautiful vista and the happy couple-about-to-be-a-trio.

It all looks so peaceful. Look at this beautiful coastline!

Just as with tennis, Serena Williams has natural instincts telling her how to get the most out of her pregnancy. She’s been moving the bar on pregnancy fashion forward, with appearances at the Met Gala, and even a few patriotic maternity swimsuits. Just look at her rocking Versace like a boss!

Whether in couture or kimonos, Serena Williams seems to be enjoying her pregnancy. We wish her the best on her babymoon, and can’t wait to meet the next Williams generation!

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