Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Ohanian Mistakes Tampon For Cat Toy

The 5-year-old was just looking out for their family cat!

Kids will be kids, and 5-year-old Olympia Ohanian has quite the imagination! In a new TikTok video posted on Wed., Oct. 5, mom Serena Williams gave fans an inside look into her daughter’s newest cat toy invention. Spoiler alert: it’s the stringed cotton from a tampon applicator. Not going to lie, Olympia may be onto something here. After all, ladies, don’t kill me for saying this but… it does kind of look like a mouse!

The 23-time grand slam title winner got her and her daughter’s whole interaction on camera and lucky for us, she felt like sharing with the class.

“What is that?” Williams asks Olympia, after coming across her daughter unwrapping a tampon in the bathroom. While pushing the cotton out the applicator, Olympia casually responds, “A cat toy for Karma.”

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Confused yet riddled with laughter, Williams repeats, “It’a cat toy for our cat?” Olympia is now playing with the stringed cotton, which she has fully removed from the applicator.

As any cat owner knows, one toy just won’t do. Your four-legged pal needs more than just one toy to play with. Thus, Olympia begins to open another tampon for their family cat.

“You have some more cat toys? OK, let’s not, no, let’s not play with too many of those,” Williams, who is obviously trying not to laugh, tells her mini-me.

Alongside the video, Williams wrote, “Who am I to steal her joy, it’s a cat toy!” Someone get Olympia a toy deal, she may be onto something here.

Watch the full TikTok video below.


Who am I to steal her joy, it’s a Cat Toy! 🗣Don’t @ me #OlympiasWorld

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