Serena Williams’ Daughter Looks *So* Cute in a Mini Version of One of Her Mom’s Tennis Outfits

It's the tennis poses for me.

Remember when Olympia Ohanian joined in on the promo videos for her mama’s Spring 2021 Stuart Weitzman Footsteps to Follow campaign back in March? And we all thought she looked like the mini-me version of Serena Williams? Well, 3-year-old Olympia is out here once again proving to us that she is indeed a mini Serena, and this action photo of her with a tennis racket has us seeing double!! They’re legit twins!

While part of this could be due to the fact that we saw Williams sport this same exact outfit in the Australian Open in February, we’re still standing by our logic that Olympia is growing up to be her mom’s lookalike.

Practice makes… the June 9th caption read on Olympia’s parent-run Instagram account. The gallery included five photos of Williams’ daughter wearing the red, black, and pink one-leg tennis outfit with her tennis racket intact. 

“Perfect for sure. Like mommy like daughter,” one follower wrote beneath the photo. “It’s the matching outfit for me!” another chimed in. There was even talk in the comments of Olympia being her mom’s baby GOAT. I mean, could you imagine a scenario where Olympia and her mom played doubles or against each other somehow? 

For reference, here’s Williams in the *same* outfit at the Australian Open.

Serena Williams

While Olympia’s solo pictures are enough to make our eyes smile and hearts melt, it seems as though mom was a little salty she wasn’t there to jump in the shot in her matching outfit, too. “Awwwww mannnnnn I asked you to save this post until I was next to her side my side in my same outfit,” Williams typed, poking fun at her husband, Alexis Ohanian. “Oophhh I guess I’ll have to pull the plug from your phone tonight. And you wake up wondering why you have no battery LOL.”

We would have loved to seen that photo, but we’re confident there will be plenty more twinning mother-daughter pics in Olympia and Williams’ future. 

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