Serena Williams’ daughter Alexis Olympia has her own Instagram, and you need to follow the cuteness ASAP

We have some great news. Serena Williams’ baby girl already joined social media! Everyone go follow @OlympiaOhanian ASAP. Williams gave birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, just over two weeks ago. The little lady already has a few extra special touches in her life. Besides being one of a few girls with “Jr” in her name and being born on Labor Day weekend, Baby Ohanian is already an Instagram star.

And not many babies can claim the same.

But when you’re the daughter of one of the most famous and powerful athletes in history, you belong on Instagram. Right? We appreciate Mama Serena letting us indulge in as many adorable pictures as she will allow us to see.

Sign us up as major @OlympiaOhanian fans already.

Alexis Olympia is too young to know that we’re liking all of her pictures immediately after she posts them. Though there are only two so far, she already has nearly 22,000 followers on Instagram. (And a few over on Twitter too.)

Look how sweet she is!

Our favorite pic shows Alexis Olympia wearing a onesie with a message that we already know to be true.

“Smart and strong like my Mama.”

Well, duh.

We can’t wait to follow the journey of this adorable new family. Once again, congratulations to the happy couple and their future Olympian.

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